About me...

A passionate designer, focusing on all areas of design work, from initial freehand sketching to final CAD detailed drawings and every area inbetween. I have a BA (Hons) Degree 2.1 in Transport Design and 2 years experience as a Solidworks Draughtsman. I also have experience in Graphic and Web Design, Design for print and Photography.

Colin Doherty

- CAD Monkey

Key interests in all areas of design, from initial sketch modeling through to detailing and rendering of final products.

My Skills

  • Graphic Design 85%
  • Solidworks 3D CAD 90%
  • Advertising 75%
  • Web Design 70%
  • 3D Rendering 90%
  • Photography 85%
  • Freehand Sketching 95%

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Feel free to contact me about...anything deisgn related.

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  • Dulargy, Ravensdale,
  • Dundalk, Co. Louth
  • (+353) 0863508466

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